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About Piers Island


Piers Island MapPiers Island is the most conveniently located of the populated Southern Gulf Islands, being only a 3-5 minute ferry or boat ride from Swartz Bay, which is the main ferry terminal between the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. Piers is located on Satellite Channel between the North End of the Saanich Peninsula and Saltspring Island.

Marine Chart directions are:

Longtitude 123 25' 00", Latitude 48 42' 15"N, W. 6th Meridian.

Piers Island MapDistance of Piers Island from other significant areas:

Victoria, B.C. - 17 Miles (27 km.) North
Victoria International Airport - 5 Miles (9.5 km.) North
Sidney, B.C. - 4 Miles (6.4 km.) North
Vancouver, B.C. - 55 Miles (89 km.) Southwest
Seattle, USA - 75 Miles (120 km.) Northwest


Piers Island RainbowPiers Island is located in the Southern Gulf Islands which has relatively "dry" type of climate. The weather on Piers can be milder than Victoria because the island is sheltered from the colder winds off the open ocean. Piers Island has greater sunshine (over hrs. per month), and less rainfall than Victoria (less than 30" or 76 cm. per year). Piers rarely has snow, but can be subject to stormy seas and high winds during winter season.

Summer temperatures:

Daytime Highs - 75-85 Farenheit or 20-29 Celsius
Evening Lows - 60-65 Farenheit or 15-17 Celsius

The Island

Piers IslandPiers has over 130 homes, all waterfront but 3.

One road, McKenzie Crescent, approx. 2 miles in length (a nice leisurely walk of 30-35 minutes) forms a ring around the island.

There are no cars on Piers, except for the occasional Fire Truck and/or Rescue vehicle (mostly out for twice monthly practises).

Centre of the Island

Piers IslandOver 150 acres in the centre of Piers is preserved as "Unattended Forest" with miles of hiking trails for the mutual enjoyment and benefit of all Piers Islanders.

There are numerous trails with a multitude of natural flora including arbutus, oak, cedar, alder and maple trees and an abundance of wild blackberries, Oregon grapes, lilies , holly, and much more.

Beach Area

Biscoe Beach is a stretch of 300' waterfront on the northwest side of the island that has been preserved as a community area. This beach is clear and swimmable during the summer months (and perhaps other months for hardier folks).

The general 4 acre beach community area is the site for the annual Piers Island Picnic for owners and guests.


Piers IslandLots of wildlife on Piers including deer, seals, mink, otters, eagles, and hundreds of species of birds for the birdwatcher

There are no bears, and mosquitos are normally not a problem.

Activities on Piers

Lots of summer activities including Piers Annual Picnic, Walkabout for Artists & craftspeople, Moonlight Madness Street Dance, Annual Fishing Derby and much more.